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    Please, I said... a half smirk on my lips. His eyes never left my pert, plump breasts, which were straining against the material..... I could feel my nipples start to stand to attention in front of him. He asked what my plans were for the evening, & I replied that I was just going to have some drinks & fun with my man & his friends, he seemed almost disappointed, yet intrigued at this response.... Almost as if he was hoping that what was going through his mind was true, but didn't dare ask any more. I took my glass ...

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Noticing the contrast between us. I'm not pale, but my flesh looked ghostly against the rich mocha of her shoulders and back. I could feel her lips against me. She was kissing my nipple gently. Her mouth was wet. After a while, she lifted her head, and there was a rich smile on her face. I could still see something in her eyes, a remnant of the reserve and hesitation she had shown about me since the day we met, but something had changed. After what had just happened, things couldn't stay the same between us. Her ...

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Now the two sexy models were in just thongs, with Heidi still sucking madley at Mollys tits! Mark dropped his pants, and grabbed his cock, which seemed to be bigger than ever before, and rubbed with two hands. Now Heidi dropped her head into Mollys boobs, and Mollys hips bucked as she erupted in orgasm. Mark had never seen a women cum by just having her boobs licked. Now Molly returned from her dreamy state, and she immediatly attacked Heidi monster orbs! She groped and stroked them, sucking with passion on her tits. Butsoon she dropped to her clean shaved pussy, ...

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Against him the whole, all too short trip. At my door, Jack took my hand and kissed it saying, "It has been a more lovely evening for me that you can ever imagine." I replied, "Me too, Jack!" I grabbed him and locked my lips to his in a passionate, open mouthed kiss. When we finally broke the kiss, I said, "See you in school Monday." I quickly slipped through the door, into the house. School the next week was a daze. What had started for me as a one time, teasing and fun date, had turned into something else. By the end of that date, and confirmed throughout the next week was the simple fact that ...

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Still unable to see. But the sounds, the sensations were unmistakable. His mind re-creating the view he couldn't see. She remained in silence, watching, taking it all in. She started to touch herself. The air too heavy with sex to ignore any longer. She watched as they climbed off him and pulled him gently towards the edge of the bed, his legs hanging over the side. She watched as they positioned themselves on him. One straddling his chest, her pussy just out of reach of his mouth as she removed the condom from his cock. ...

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The corner of her eye, pooling on the bridge of her nose. I prepared her with my fingers. When I touched her pussy, she was liquid there, molten chocolate. She sobbed and pressed against my hand, choked with desire, it seemed. I stroked her with my fingers, feeling her pressing back against them. I don't know if she climaxed. It seemed to me she did something more than that. When I wet her anus, she pushed back even harder. She pressed her ass together, then relaxed. Held my fingers with her muscle. Lifted her hips and then plunged back to the bed. I stroked her ass with long, lingering, luxuriant thrusts of my ...

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I reminded them of my presence, by arching my cock towards their entwined tongues, and they returned to their gorgeous oral prick tease. I could only groan as Lisa sucked one of my balls into her mouth and began to roll it around with her tongue. Her eyes were locked on Carla, as she watched her mouth slip over my head and down my shaft. Seeing this made Lisa hot, and I watched as she stood over me, a foot either side of my head and began to stroke a middle finger along her enflamed pussy lips. As she found her clit, I pushed further ...

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